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Tailored Professional Headshot Sessions with Mobile Studio

I offer professional headshot sessions using a mobile studio that allows me to tailor the lighting and background to meet the specific needs of each session. With reflectors and lighting, I strive to achieve soft lighting and backgrounds that can be either blurred or uniform.

This service is ideal for LinkedIn profiles, professional portfolios, or corporate communications, providing natural and flattering portraits.



Showcasing Professions and Work Environments

I conduct corporate reporting focused on showcasing professions and work environments. Whether through staged scenes or spontaneous captures, my aim is to create images that facilitate the company’s communication, both internally and externally.

These reports can be used to enhance advertising campaigns, newsletters, or corporate presentations, thereby providing a dynamic display of skills and work atmosphere.



Documenting Business Spaces with Wide Shots and Aerial Drone Footage

I document your business spaces, using wide shots to showcase the scale and details of your facilities. When the project demands, aerial drone footage can also be included for a unique perspective.

This service is perfect for depicting the grandeur and functionality of your locations in any corporate communication or marketing material.


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