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Leo Fontanel


I am Léo Fontanel, a 34-year-old French photographer based in Rennes. For the past 11 years, photography has been at the heart of my life, allowing me to capture the beauty of the world around us. My expertise is divided into two main areas: fine art architectural photography and commercial projects.

Fine Art Architectural Photography

Passionate about black and white and minimalism, I specialize in fine art architectural photography. My work aims to reveal the poetry and elegance of architectural structures through an unwavering quest for technical and aesthetic perfection. My images strive to transcend reality to offer a new perspective, a unique artistic vision of the built world. I have been recognized, exhibited, and published for my fine art photography, showcasing my work to a broader audience and receiving acclaim for my unique style. I also lead workshops where I share my passion and expertise with other photographers eager to explore this genre.

Commercial Photography

In parallel, I collaborate with various companies, from local SMEs to large multinationals, in France and abroad. My commercial projects include corporate portraits, event coverage, as well as culinary and product photography. My goal is to create striking visuals that faithfully reflect each client's identity and values. With a personalized and creative approach, I strive to provide images that not only capture attention but also tell a story.

Total Commitment

Whether in my artistic or commercial projects, I am committed to investing fully and bringing the same level of rigor and creativity. Every photograph is an opportunity to capture an emotion, freeze a unique moment, and create a connection with the viewer.

If you are looking for a passionate and versatile photographer to bring your projects to life, I would be delighted to discuss your needs. Feel free to contact me to talk about how we could collaborate.

Léo Fontanel


IPA Awards
Monochrome Awards
APA Awards
ND Awards

-Honorable Mention, Architecture, Professional, Black & White Photo Contest,  ReFocus Awards 2023

-Nominee, Architecture, Professional, Black & White Photo Contest,  ReFocus Awards 2023

-Honorable Mention, Architecture - Buildings, IPA 2023

-Honorable Mention, Architecture - Bridges, IPA 2023
-Nominee in Architecture, Fine Art Photography Awards – FAPA 2023

-Nominee in Landscape, Fine Art Photography Awards – FAPA 2022

-Nominee, Minimalism, Professional, ReFocus Awards 2023

-Honorable Mention, Architecture-Bridges Professional IPA 2021
-Honorable Mention, Monochrome Photography Awards 2021
-Honorable Mention, ND Photography Awards 2021
-Honorable Mention, Annual Photo Awards – APA 2020
-Silver Medal, New Zealand Photographer Magazine, Landscape 2019

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